Cooling tub on wheels

Cooling tub on wheels

Made of stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301);
Welded joints, cleaned and lapped to the smoothness of the main material;
Tub’s body made of sheet iron with thickness 2mm;
For reinforcing the tightly welded tubular top rim aluminum bar is incorporated;
Wheel’s bearers are welded to additionally reinforced plate with sheet 3 mm thick;
Four polyamide wheels Ø 150 mm;
Capacity: 300 and 400L.

Art.NoАxBxC (mm)Capacity, lImplementation 990х700х685 300 without a trap 990х700х685 300 with a trap
01.41.311.000 990х700х685 300 with a faucet 1045х845х685 400 without a trap 1045х845х685 400 with a trap
01.42.311.000 1045х845х685 400 with a faucet

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