BONNER Company is located near town Karlovo, region Plovdiv.
- Producing area 35 385 m2 ;
- Build up area 9 660 m2 ;
- Quantity of workers and employees - 150;
- Machines and equipment for mechanical machining of rotating and prism details;
- Equipment for machining of sheet material;
- Welding machinery high class for stainless steel, carbon steel and non-ferrous metals;
- Construction and production of electrical and electronic controls on level programmable controllers; CNC
- Engineering, in connection with complex resolutions for designing and building of technological equipment for companies of the food industry and the pharmacy;

Our company produces machines and equipment for the food industry:
- Tubular ways for slaughtering plants, cooling rooms, freezing and cooling tunnels, partitioning halls, manufactured of stainless steel or deep-hot galvanized;
- Restrainers for driving of animals in slaughtering plants;
- Load carrying organs for slaughtering processing of cattle, sheep and goats, pigs;
- Elevators, belt and roller conveyors;
- Mobile and stationary platforms of stainless steel;
- Electric mechanical beam lifters, hydraulic lifters made of stainless steel;
- Sanitary-hygienic machines and equipment - hygienic zones, wash-basins, sterilizing basins for machines, knives and grinders made of stainless steel;
- Partitioning lines;
- Working places, working tables and tables for partitioning, made of stainless steel;
- Electric mechanical and hydraulic tilting lifters, made of stainless steel;
- Transport machines and conveyors made of stainless steel and plastic material
- Trolleys for transport of pallets, trolleys “Laska”-Type, warehouse-trolleys, under carts for casing transport, store trolleys, trolleys for meat, smoking carts for sausage and cheese, made of stainless steel;
- Euro-pallets, box-pallets made of stainless steel;
- Blood collecting tanks, tubs and machines for mixing of brine, preserve containers for nourishment, made of stainless steel;
- Ham-forms, smoking rails for hanging up of foodstuffs, trays.

Our company produces hygienic equipment made of stainless steel for the food industry and the pharmacy:
- Compact hygienic units, monolithic or modulo construction;
- Modules for hand-disinfection and tanks for boot-disinfection;
- Boot-cleaning machines, sole-cleaning machines - pass-through boot and sole cleaning machines;
- Cleaning machines for knife baskets, hooks, aprons;
- Washing-facility for small Items, aprons and boots;
- Wash-basins, for one or more people, with photo-cell or with knee-operated valve;
- Foam dispenser, towel dispenser, liquid soap dispenser;
- Foam cleaning and disinfection devices;
- Drains, box and slot gutters for water off channeling devices;
- Sanitary-hygienic machines and equipment - sterilizing basins for machines, knives, sharpening steels and other articles of stainless steel;

For the meat industry we deliver, install and guarantee the service of the machines from leading companies in this branch.

In the slaughtering equipment our partners are:
Schmid & Wezel (EFA) – Machines for slaughtering equipment.
BEST & DONOVAN – Hand held skinner.
JWE – Scalding machines for pigs, slaughtering equipment.

In the equipment for industrial meat processing our partners are:
MAJA – Derinding and membrane skinning machines, fine ice producing units, slicing machines.
LASKA – Cutters, mincers, mixers, frozen meat cutters.
RISCO – Continuous vacuum stuffers and fillers, frontal discharge mixers.
BASTRA – Cooking and smoking systems. Cooking cauldrons.
SUHNER – Tumblers, injectors.
TREIF – Slicers, dicers and strip cutters, bread slicers, pre-cutting machines.
MAINCA – Cutters, mincers, fillers - mini-series.
INTERVAC – Vacuum packaging machines.
VARIOVAC – Thermo formers, cup dosing and closing systems.
MAPI – Machines for sharpening of cutter knives.

We deliver products from the following companies:
LUMBECK & WOLTER – Knives and plates.
BERTRAM & GRAF – Band-saw blades.
GIESSER MESSER – Hand knives and sharpening steels.
DICK – Hand knives and sharpening steels.

BONNER Company realizes objects and delivers equipment in Bulgaria, as well as in Europe - Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Republic of northern Macedonia.

Politics of BONNER is the correct relationship to the customer and making efforts for quick and qualitative service. BONNER Company is trying to solve all customer’s problems because this is the only way to establish long-lasting profitably partnership for both sides.

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Our company produces machines and equipment for the food industry; hygienic equipment made of stainless steel for the food industry and the pharmacy, for the meat industry we deliver, install and guarantee the service of the machines from leading companies in this branch.

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