Compact hygienic gate

Compact hygienic gate

Made of stainless steel. The unit has two zones: “production entrance” and “production exit” .

“Production entrance” zone includes: Two level disinfection tub (with a sole draining zone). The level of disinfection liquid is controlled by a sensor. When the level gets low, liquid is automatically poured into the tub. Insufficient quantity of disinfection liquid results to disability of passing trough the sluice. In this situation light signal is given. Hand disinfection unit - when both hands are placed in it, disinfection liquid is sprayed trough special nozzles. If the liquid in the container is used up, passing over is not possible. In this case light signal is given. Turn style- allows passing trough only if disinfection of the hands and soles is properly done (the device is controlled by the sensors of the tub and hand disinfection unit.

“Production exit” zone includes: Soles cleaning module with two rotating horizontal brushes. Washing liquid is sprayed onto the brushes trough a special collector. Activation of the brushes is done automatically by a photo cell, situated on the entrance of the unit. The exit of the 
zone is controlled by a hydraulic door with an electromagnet lock. Passing trough is possible only in one direction and only after soles washing. Special holders are mounted on both sides of the machine for the cleaning agent containers. All treading surfaces are made of embossed sheet iron in order to avoid slipping. All welded joints are lapped and cleaned to the smoothness of the main material.

Technical data:
Clean water inlet: ½”
Water outlet: DN 50
Voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz
Power installed: 1,37 kW

360° view

Art. № AxBxC (mm) Brushes
length(mm) 2200х1650х15000 1000 2600x1650x1500 1400 3000x1650x1500 1800

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