Multi position sinks

Free standing or wall mounted.

Multi position sinks

Made of stainless steel, AISI 304 (1.4301); Welded joints, cleaned and lapped with the smoothness of the main material; Completely welded construction without any horizontal surfaces for keeping dust or liquids; Number of washing places: 2, 3, 4 or 5; Contact free actuation of each position by a photocell or a knee valve; Adjusting of water temperature through thermostatic valve; Available models: wall mounted or free-standing on legs;

Technical data:
Cold water inlet: ½”
Hot water inlet: ½”
Water pressure: min 3 bar
Water outlet: corrugated pipe DN 32
For photocell actuation:
Electrical connection: 230V/50Hz
Cable L=1, 5 m with plug type “Schuko”

Art. No AxBxC (mm) Positions Model Operated by 1000x430x585 2 Wall mounted Photo cell 1000x430x1230 2 Free standing * Photo cell 1000x430x585 2 Wall mounted Knee valve 1000x430x1230 2 Free standing * Knee valve 1500x430x585 3 Wall mounted Photo cell 1500x430x1230 3 Free standing * Photo cell 1500x430x585 3 Wall mounted Knee valve 1500x430x1230 3 Free standing * Knee valve 2000x430x585 4 Wall mounted Photo cell 2000x430x1230 4 Free standing * Photo cell 2000x430x585 4 Wall mounted Knee valve 2000x430x1230 4 Free standing * Knee valve 2500x430x585 5 Wall mounted Photo cell 2500x430x1230 5 Free standing * Photo cell 2500x430x585 5 Wall mounted Knee valve 2500x430x1230 5 Free standing * Knee valve
* - option: the sink can be manufactured with a back cover

  • Depending on the size and configuration of the hygiene premises, different variants of island type multi position wash-basins can be manufactured. For easier water and electricity supply, the wash-basins can be implemented with couplings, situated in the upper part of the edge.
  • On customers request the space under the wash-basins can be hidden with additional decorative removable covers and service doors.

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