Tunnel lacing machine Rollmatic
This tunnel lacing machine takes the place of tiresome winding with meat strings by hand. Whether it`s meat, fish or poultry, with or without fillings, the Rollmatic guarantees optimal binding results. Even irregular cuts of meat will look attractive.
The tunnel concept guarantees a constant flow of material. Even long collared meat does not need to be turned round in order to bind it completely.
Due to the knotting after each loop a simple portioning of the collared meat is possible without untying the string ensuring the meat does not break into pieces.

Hängfix - original looping machine
Decades of experience coupled with the newest technical standards guarantee the highest quality of the original Hängfix looping machine. Offering up to 2400 loops per hour (by request it can be increased up to 3000, Hängfix B10) the Hängfix makes hanging all types of meat quick and easy. The Hängfix B80 is ideal for large and heavy pieces of meat.

Grinding Machines
Our standard model finds it`s use in meat factories, carving factories and butcheries. You can do wet grinding and wet polishing with this model, too.

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Our company produces machines and equipment for the food industry; hygienic equipment made of stainless steel for the food industry and the pharmacy, for the meat industry we deliver, install and guarantee the service of the machines from leading companies in this branch.

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