Constructed with a compact rigid chassis.
Ideal for cutting fresh meat with bone or frozen.
It cuts cleanly thanks to the design of the blade scrapers.
It eliminates splinters caused by hand chopping.
It reduces wastes to up to 50% as compared with a manual cut.
Crevice free interior for ease of cleaning, since the mechanical parts are separated from the cutting surfaces.
Equipped with maximum safety features: brake motor operation within 4 seconds either by the stop button or when opening the door.
Supplied with a hinged pusher.
Construction: all in stainless steel.

Meat Mincers/Grinders
Cutting Systems: UNGER (70, 82, 98, 114) and ENTERPRISE (12, 22, 32).
With external mincing head assembly to prevent heat transfer from the motor. Easy to dismantle for cleaning and hygiene.
Transmission: gear driven in an oil bath for silent running (PM-70/12 is driven by means of a toothed belt).
Minces all kind of meats.
The mince produced is of an even and uniform texture.
Construction: Completely in stainless steel ( PA-82/22: mincing head in aluminium).

Giant tray.

Finger Guard when using plates of 8mm or larger in all models.

Motors: "various voltages & frequencies available"

  Bowl Cutters/ Choppers
Equipped with two knife speeds combined with two bowl speeds.
With removable knife head of either 3 or 6 knives.
Supplied with three knives (six knives as an option).
Great absorption capacity when producing emulsions. Homogeneous texture of the product.
Suitable for frozen meats.
Equipped with maximum safety features: brake motor when the lid is lifted.
Emergency button.
Motors with thermal protection.
Switch for emptying and washing the bowl.
Digital thermometer.
Construction: completely in Stainless Steel.
Suitable not only for use with meat, but also recommended for any mixing application, be it salads, sandwich mixes, spices, etc.
Forward and reverse rotation of paddles: it mixes in one direction, whilst in the other it kneads the product and removes the air from it (especially useful for cured sausages).
Homogeneous mixing and kneading without air pockets, a necessity when curing sausage.
Will mix large or small quantities.
Good water absorption.
“T” shaped paddles easily removed for cleaning without tools
Tilting bowl for emptying and drain plug to ease washing (RM-20 and RC-40 without drain plug).
Construction: completely from Stainless Steel.
OPTIONS (RC-40 / RC-100):
Castor wheels.
Motors: "various voltages & frequencies available"
  Hydraulic Fillers/Stuffers
Equipped with independent oil tank.
Adjustable speed and pressure.
Fixed cylinder and piston machined to close tolerances.
A smooth exit avoids clogging and colour discolouration.
Automatic piston decompression when the knee lever is released.
Easily removed piston for cleaning.
Supplied with 3 nozzles: 15, 20 and 30 mm Ш. (Option: 12, 25 and 43 mm).
Construction: stainless steel. Lid and piston made of aluminium (EC-12 piston made of polyethylene / EM-50 completely made of stainless steel).
Stainless steel lid and piston.
Automatic on/off (three phase motors only).
Manual portioner
Set wheels (2 lockable) or anti-tilt trolley.
Motors: "various voltages & frequencies available"
  Slicers and fillets.
Totally silent.
The quality of the leaves guarantee a perfect cut.
With built-in sharpener double acciуn: grinding and polishing the cut.
Smooth sliding cars.
Safety devices in the blade.
Anodized aluminum (steel).