Mincer WW 130


Machine housing: solid stainless, hopper volume 170 l, with safety cover
Worm housing: stainless
Working worm: stainless, worm extractor
Feed worm: stainless, can be drawn out horizontally
Closing nut: stainless
Cutting set: depending on model either one fresh or frozen meat set is incl.
Holeplate diameter: 130 mm
Electrics: built-in control box with main switch, push buttons
WW 130-1
Motor rating: 11 KW, 1 speed
WW 130-2
Motor rating: 10,5/13,5 KW, 2 speeds
WW 130-G for frozen meat, with frozen meat working worm
Motor rating: 15 KW, 1 speed
Weight: 760 kg
Optional equipment:
Safety cover for cutting set;
Special design with paddle mixing system, 2,2 KW, enlarged hopper volume 250 l, incl. raised machine housing and safety platform;
Fresh meat cutting equipment with worm and cutting set (only for type G);
Desinewing equipment with SEP-desinewing cutting set;
Loading hoist stainless steel (electro-mechanical) for standard trolleys, necessary raised machine housing incl. hinged hopper (volume 300 liters) instead of safety cover.

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Our company produces machines and equipment for the food industry; hygienic equipment made of stainless steel for the food industry and the pharmacy, for the meat industry we deliver, install and guarantee the service of the machines from leading companies in this branch.

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